Our Services

Glitter Bar Services

We offer our amazing sparkle stations for events, weddings, private parties and much much more!

All our stations have glitter patterns and decorations for your faces, hair glitter, braids, festival glitter, chunky and fine glitters, glitter tattoos, stencils,  nail glitter, lip and eye glitters.

All this is done using fully tested water based glues and skin safe glitters you can glam up without the worries of any worrying chemicals being used.

Sparkle Hair/Pin Ups

Our Sparkle Stations also come fully equipped with every thing needed for sparkle based hair, including french braids, dutch braids, pin ups, pig tails etc.

So its a perfect addon for your wedding or event to offer all things sparkle!

Neon Party Services

Our amazing neon parties are also available with a full range of UV body and face paints available for all types of events, photo shoots, parties, weddings etc. Simply book a glitter agent and add comments to say you want a UV Party!